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The Conversation Partner Program (CPP) connects international and domestic JMU Dukes together to provide an exciting opportunity for cultural exchange and language improvement. Through this program, many domestic students enjoyed practicing their foreign language skills, most international students loved the conversations and interactions that help improve their English, and all CPP participants appreciated the unique friendships as they got to know new cultures and bond with someone from across the globe.

**CPP will not be held during the Fall 2019 term. If you are interested in opportunities to connect with other international or domestic Dukes, please contact us at We're sorry for any inconvenience.**

Program Information
  • Applications are required and accepted at the beginning of each semester.
  • Each applicant will then be paired with another applicant who is their best fit, based on the information provided within the applications (language preferences, hobbies, interests, majors, travelling experiences, etc.).
  • Typically, within a week after the submission deadline for applications, a confirmation e-mail will be sent out to all applicants about their matched partner, also called CPP Friend.
  • All newly matched pairs of CPP Friends are expected to attend the first social event scheduled at the beginning of each semester so everyone who is matched can meet their new CPP Friend.
  • CPP Friends are required to meet in person for at least one hour per week – choices of timing and location/activity are totally up to participants based on availability and preferences.
  • Discussion topics and suggested activities are provided via weekly emails to help facilitate conversations and recommend new interesting things for CPP Friends to enjoy together.
Values & Benefits
  • Share your own cultures and learn about interesting cultures through a new friend who can provide personal stories and real experiences.
  • Practice your conversational language skills while helping your CPP Friend to improve his/hers.
  • These friendships have helped participants broaden their global perspective, expand their international network and connections – especially for students who are seeking for international experiences to prepare for their study abroad plans as well as globally-minded dukes who love to personally connect more with our diverse student body.
  • Domestic students quickly become local experts and connoisseurs and introduce great U.S. cultures and traditions to their CPP friend from abroad.       
  • Develop your Global/Intercultural Fluency and meet one of the Career Readiness competencies that employers are looking for when hiring their top employees. Many companies – whether local, multinational or globalized, highly value the diverse interactions and experiences that their potential new hire has with various groups of cultures.
Program Contact Information

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at or 540-568-6119.

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