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Dr. Wiley earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Missouri, a Master’s in International Affairs and Administration from Missouri State University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She has a strong interest in building capacity within institutions for faculty and students to learn about how they become who they are and find meaning in the world. Dr. Wiley has facilitated faculty workshops on internationalization and intercultural competence development in Ukraine, Ireland, England, Chile, the US and Mexico. In her work with students, she has developed curricula that support student emotional growth as they grapple with difficult content. Dr. Wiley has also led interdisciplinary teams of researchers to answer questions about how learning occurs and for whom. Her current research at JMU involves understanding which elements of the learning environment, both the virtual and in-person, produces the greatest amount of change in self and other awareness as well as critical thinking.

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