Caitlin joined the CGE team in December of 2019 as the Financial and Operations Manager for Study Abroad. Prior to coming to CGE, she worked as a Capital Accountant in Facilities Planning & Construction here at JMU. In her new position she will work collaboratively with the Study Abroad team to oversee all financial procedures and budgets for JMU’s 90+ short-term programs and is responsible for financial logistics and policies related to study abroad programming.

Caitlin is a Double Duke of JMU with her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and master’s degree in Sports and Recreation Leadership. She loves to be immersed in other cultures with the opportunity to see the world through another lens. She is passionate about learning, helping and encouraging others, and understanding different perspectives. Caitlin is thrilled to be a part of CGE and is excited to connect with both faculty and students during their study abroad experience.

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