Quick overview:

Hometown & Country: Da Nang City, Vietnam
High School / Previous Institution: Phan Chau Trinh high school
Major: School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD)
Graduation: Spring 2024

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Why did you choose JMU?

Peacefulness is the primary reason why I chose to study at JMU which is  located in a small and fresh city, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Although I like to live in a hustling place like my hometown, a peaceful city helps me focus on my study and stay away from distractions. Another reason is its delicious food within the top 8 best college food in the US. Food is one of the most worrying problems when I study abroad and I’m a food girl so JMU grabbed my attention. I was also impressed with JMU’s campus although I just saw it through pictures. For all these reasons, I believe that JMU will bring me a realistic and great American college life like I imaging.

What do you like best about JMU?

On the day I first visited JMU, it was snowing and I was so excited because it was my first time seeing snow in real life.. Not only do I like the weather in winter, but autumn is also the season which has the most stunning views for me. There is an Edith J Carrier Arboretum park nearby the campus where students can spend time with their friends and relax there, and believe me, the scene won’t disappoint you, especially when it’s in autumn. Friendliness is another thing that I like best about JMU. It’s difficult for a new and  an international student to integrate into a strange environment in the US. However, people in JMU are very welcoming and willing to help. On the first day of classes I was  a bit stressed finding where my classes where taking place but I always found a staff or even a student ready to help me.

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

During my first semester at JMU, I was surprised that there are so many activities and clubs for students to participate in. I have a lot of opportunities to meet new friends and experience my college life. Dancing is my hobby and I’m glad that I can be a part of Mozaic Dance Team where I can share my interest with people who have the same passion.

What is your favorite class?

It is hard for me to point out which class I like the most at the moment. However, if I have to, I’d say SMAD 101. I was a Computer Information System (CIS) student but now I’m changing my major to School of Design Art and Media (SMAD). SMAD 101 is a requirement to become a SMAD major that’s why it is hard and interesting as well. I’ve learned about the Media industry and storytelling. Professor Ryan Alessi is a good teacher and he inspires me in learning more about mass media. 

What do you like to do during your free time?

I’m an active person so I prefer hanging out with my friends rather than just staying at home. During the weekend, I usually go to UREC (University Recreate Center) to play basketball and also dance with my Mozaic Dance Team. After studying hard on the weekdays, nothing more than relaxing and doing what we like with our friends, right?

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