Quick overview:

Hometown & Country: Bogota, Colombia
High School / Previous Institution: Gimnasio Femenino
Major: Hospitality Management with minors in General Business and Business Spanish
Graduation: May 2022

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Why did you choose JMU?

When I was looking to study in the US, I wanted a place that was very friendly, had a nice campus, a good program for my major and a good support system for international students.

When I found JMU I knew it was the perfect fit for me! JMU is located in a small town which is great when you are from a different country since it is easier to adapt, it is also pretty close to the airport and to Washington D.C. It is recognized for many of its programs and for its food!

Additionally, it has a very beautiful campus that is full of nature which is very nice when walking around to class.

What do you like best about JMU?

- How friendly students and professors are and how everyone is willing to help you. Professors are also very passionate about the material you need to study which makes you motivated to learn. There is also a lot of academic assistance if you need it!

- There are different options for food.

- JMU’s beautiful campus! It is full of nature, sometimes you can see squirrels and rabbits running around.

- The international student and scholar services is very well organized, and you will always receive guidance with paperwork and when you arrive the first time to campus.

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

My first surprise was seeing how big JMU’s campus is, at first, I even thought I was going to get lost going to class, but after getting a tour everything looked a little more familiar. I was also surprised during the orientation week by all the activities and events that were held during the first week for students to feel at home and get a sense of what is like to be a Duke.

Another thing that was different for me was the on-campus life, living in a dorm with other people was a very new experience. Even though it was weird at first, it was a great way to meet new people and find close friends!

What is your favorite class?

Beside my major classes, one class I really enjoyed taking was COB 204: Computer Information Systems. Even though I felt this was a little challenging, I really enjoyed learning about how business make use of computers, technology, systems development and how hardware and software work. During this class the professor gave us a lot of real-life examples that helped me understand better all the concepts and how to apply them in the future. Through numerous projects we also learned how to create databases.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I like to spend my free time with friends, explore new places around Harrisonburg and getting coffee. Some of my favorite activities are dancing and cooking. I also enjoy working out at the University Recreation Center (UREC).

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