Quick overview:
  • Hometown(s) & country(ies): Rajkot, Mumbai- India
  • High School/Previous Institution: Rajkumar College, Rajkot
  • Major: Political Science & Biology  Minor: Pre-Medicine
  • Graduation: Spring 2022

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Why did you choose JMU?

As an international student, leaving home to come and study in the US was exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. I was excited to experience a different culture and be a part of it. But knowing that I was starting again, in making friends, cultivating my roots and excel as a student at the same time was going to be quite challenging. JMU-well known for its sense of community and culture offered me a home away from home. Culture and community is not the only thing that JMU offers. Strong academics and great extra curriculum around the campus is another great characteristic of JMU. JMU offers an incredible amount of majors and minors. Among all of the extra curriculum, you can find anything from academic to social clubs and fraternities.

What do you like best about JMU?

People here at JMU are one of the best parts to fully experience JMU. Everyone is extremely warm and friendly. They truly make me feel like I belong here and make this place a home for me. I met some amazing people to call friends who are always there for me even when life gets slightly challenging. Everyone from my friends and professors to my favorite people at starbucks make my day. These relationships that I made here and continue to make are a big part of my growth as a person. I realized, I have become more calm, tolerant of everyone's perspective and learning so much from all these people. Being here after two semesters feels like being home. Whenever I go back to India during summer breaks, I am impatiently waiting to get back here and just breathe it in.

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

I realize that for a lot of international students, culture shock is a real thing and can be quite intriguing at times or an adjustment. My personal experience was quite different, living in Mumbai for a couple years smoothed my transition coming here. But academics was a bit of an adjustment for me. The whole process of studying for a class was very different compared to India. You can’t get away with passive learning, I had to actively be present in class and do well throughout my semester to keep up with academics unlike India where I usually studied before my finals only. But professors at JMU are very helpful and understanding, they helped me to bridge this created by two different educational systems. And there are a lot of resources for students to seek help, when you find yourself stuck academically. They helped me alot to improve my time management skills.

What is your favorite class?

My first semester, I took a religion 101 class with Professor La Spina. This class was absolute gold for me, I love reading about different religions and theologies and this class was an amazing resource to learn more about different religions and how similar they are. Being an only student coming from a minority religion in class, our professor would always ask me more questions about it and generally engage in a lively discussion. I loved going to his classes, it didn’t feel like a class all rather felt like a live active learning space where we interacted and learned more about religions. And he did a jeopardy which was a thrilling experience.

What do you like to do during your free time?

My leisure activities change from time to time. Last semester, I used to love reading and would read for hours when I had the time. But this semester on the weekends, I am more into hanging out with my friends or watching marvel movies. During the week, you would definitely find me at the library with a chai latte. I absolutely love hanging there doing my work or chilling and sipping on my chai!

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