Quick overview:
  • Hometown & country: Seoul, South Korea
  • High School: Seohyun High School
  • Major: Finance  Minor: Computer Information Systems
  • Graduation: December 2021

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Why did you choose JMU?

Many factors attracted me to choose JMU. One of the main reasons why I came here is that I have always wanted to go to a university that has a beautiful campus and wonderful libraries. When I looked up the photo gallery of JMU on its website, I felt inspired and fascinated by its amazing campus facilities. So, I decided to ask my sister, who was currently a JMU student, to tell me more about the university and its academic programs. My sister loved the JMU campus as well and was especially fond of the its supportive and loving community.

She was a freshman at the time, taking ISC (International Students Center) classes which helped improve her English comprehension skills to better prepare her for entry to the second year of JMU degree program. ISC was extremely beneficial for me whose level of English was not proficient enough to feel firmly ready to understand the lectures taught entirely in English. I felt much comfortable when I heard about this chance to strengthen my English at JMU through this pathway program for international students; and that was the second reason why I wanted to attend JMU.

My third reason was the Finance and Business Law program at JMU’s College of Business (COB). The College of Business at JMU is highly recognized across the institutions worldwide. I knew I wanted to major in Finance to improve my problem-solving skills in the areas of finance and learn to apply the tools and theories learned in classes to solve real world problems.   

What do you like best about JMU?

When people ask me this question, I can definitely say that we have great professors and faculty staff who are really willing to help you if you just ask them. For example, if you have no idea about how to get an internship, you can ask your professors to give you their feedback on your resume and ask for advice. They are literally always eager to help their students. The only thing you need to do is check your professors’ office hour or make an appointment with them. Do not be afraid to reach out to them, again, they are always willing to help and guide you!!!

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

I was surprised by the differences in the education system between Korea and United States. In Korea, the students frequently receive guidance and feedbacks on their academic progress and just school life in general. However, when I came to JMU, I realized that no one would help me if I do not ask for help. I learned to be responsible for taking care of my own academic progress and search up whatever I need for college on my own.

Unfortunately, I came to JMU during the summer semester so I did not have the regular orientation with LINKers, who would be the perfect people for getting any kind of advice since they have already been through the same troubles as I did. Everything was so new and there was so many information that I had to be aware of; there were a lot of things I needed to figure out on my own, but I have learned a lot since then.

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class is the Integrative Business course (COB300). In this class, the students of different majors collaborate on a group project and come up with a business plan. In my case, my team has two Finance students, one Accounting, and four CIS students. Although it’s a very challenging class, I get to learn how to make a business plan with my own ideas and develop interpersonal skills, research skills, and problem-solving skills. Although it’s challenging project like I mentioned, I learned formidable amount of knowledge about the business industry and how to work with people of different backgrounds. I believe that by the end of this semester I’ll be surprised by how much I grew as a person through taking this class.

What do you like to do during your free time?

During my free time, I like to play sports with my friends at the JMU Recreation Center (also known as UREC). Playing sports is important to me because it helps me bond with my friends (or even strangers I meet at the court) and makes my college days livelier. The two sports I usually play are table tennis and badminton.

Beside playing sports at UREC, I also love going outside of campus and explore the local Harrisonburg sightseeing attractions. I would sometimes drive to the Shenandoah mountains to enjoy its beautiful view of the night sky.

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