Quick overview:
  • Hometown/Country: Kyiv/ Ukraine
  • High School: Specialized school – lyceum N20
  • Major : Business management  Minor: Telecommunications
  • Graduation: Spring 2022

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Why did you choose JMU?

When I decided to study in United States , I looked through many universities in different states. When I chose Virginia, I found JMU. This school was different from all other schools that I saw before. Everyone told me about its atmosphere and diversity. Also, as I was interested in business , I found out that JMU’s college of business is one of the best on the country and it just proved my decision.

What do you like best about JMU?

I like diversity. You can be yourself and always find people around you who will understand and support you. There are students from different countries and states. All of the professors are always willing to help you to succeed in class. Outside of classes you also always can find clubs that will fit your interests and hobbies.

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

When I just came to JMU I was surprised how American education system is different from all I saw before in different institutions. You really need to work hard on your homework as they will affect your final grade. Participation in class is usually also mandatory. Your success in class really depends on how hard you work through the semester.

What is your favorite class?

My favorite and at the same time hardest class I took was CS149 (Introduction to programming). I will remember it for my whole life. I never had programming experience prior I took this class and it was also my first semester in JMU, so it was incredibly hard for me. But I also met many smart and friendly people. And my professor was one of the nicest people I met.

What do you like to do during your free time?

Outside of the classroom I really like to go out with friends. But also I am a fan of Stephen King books and overall I love to read a lot. Also I used to be a dancer and I love to watch dancing videos and shows. My newest hobby is alpinism, and I like reading and watching movies about it.

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