Quick overview:
  • Hometown(s) & country(ies): Moscow, Russia
  • High School/Previous Institution: School 1527
  • Major: Economics  Minor: Computer Information System
  • Graduation: May 2022

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Why did you choose JMU?

Three factors were crucial for me when choosing James Madison University. First of all, it was an effective program for international students that allowed us to complete the first college year together with the U.S. students (without losing one year studying only for English). The second reason was a highly ranked Business program. And finally, the location mattered a lot. Although Harrisonburg is a relatively small town, it is a great place to start living on your own.

What do you like best about JMU?

JMU students and faculty/staff members are friendly, sociable, and involved in university life. Everyone will be happy to take part in something useful. JMU is a family where every member feels just right and at ease. 

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

I was living in a dormitory during my first college year. I will never forget how positively surprised I was with people from my floor. We all knew each other and quite often have studied together. Besides, there were many networking activities such as games and joint Saturday breakfasts in the dining hall. These things made me feel involved and like home at JMU.

What is your favorite class?

Every JMU class gives me something new and fascinating. It is not easy to choose only one as a favorite. However, managerial accounting class makes me excited and inspires me to wake up for an 8 a.m. class. Professor explains the material using her own experiences working as an accountant that expands perspectives of solving different accounting problems.

What do you like to do during your free time?

Although Harrisonburg is not a big city, there are many different places to hang out with your friends. It is easy and convenient to search for activities hosted by the university recreation center. There are many sports tours for students who like hiking, kayaking, or chilling outside the town. For example, one of my favorite things to do during the winter is to go ice skating. In addition, there are cozy places to drink hot tea or chocolate and gossip with friends about everything.

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