Quick overview:
  •  Hometown(s)/Countries: China & USA
  •  High School / Previous Institution: Harrisonburg High School
  •  Major(s)Economic & International Affairs
  •  Graduation: December 2020

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Why did you choose JMU?

I really loved how the students showed their school spirit when I toured the campus! The people were really nice and the food is awesome! I actually went to high school in the Harrisonburg area, and when I graduated, I wanted to attend a four-year university instead of transferring around. I picked Eastern Mennonite University, which is also in the area (I wanted to stay in the area since both of my parents are here) and it was definitely not a fit for me. I feel like I was restrained from making the most out of my college career. There were so much things that I had envision to do in college, but wasn’t given the opportunity to do so because of how small the campus was. It was when I had realized that that university was not for me, that I decided to transfer to JMU. I fell in love with how much JMU has to offer to students, and how much opportunity that it has given me. I decided to apply for a position where I help transfer students fall in love, and really find a home away from home, so I applied to work for Orientation. However, I wanted to go beyond that--not only helping domestic students, but also international students, feel what it is like to be a Duke.

What do you like best about JMU?

There is one thing that everyone shares on campus and that’s we’re all Dukes! It’s a no judge zone and the environment that we have is superb. JMU offers students many opportunities such as being in the Student Government Association (SGA), advocating our campus to prospective students, and has hundreds of clubs and organizations to help you find a place to express yourself and find your home away from home. I have met some many people that I could connect with even after graduation! Coming in as a transfer student, you really have hard time adjusting and getting to know people who have already been here before you, but JMU has something an event called Student Organization Night, where almost all clubs would be in one area for you to go up and get connected. Connections are everything to me, and because of JMU I have met many people from large corporations! JMU even has career fairs, where employers actually come on campus and sometimes even do interview here as well. As a business major, I utilize any resources to get connected to large firms.

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

There is so much space for you to grow academically and socially. I have gotten many internship opportunities as well as gained connections by just reaching out! JMU is really big and full of ways that you can get yourself involved. The biggest thing for me was definitely how much growth you could do as a student, and an individual. I was really scared about coming on to a big campus, like JMU and was worried whether or not I was going to fit in here. I went out to Student Organization Night after checking out all the clubs and organization online on the Be Involved page. Because of that, I was able to join my sorority, where I grew as a student and gained more leadership skills. I was timid when I first start classes and now, I am able to give speeches and advocate students to be like me. Get out of your comfort zone and you will see that there is so much that JMU has to offer.

What is your favorite class?

My favorite classes, excluding my major courses, are most definitely the Chinese language classes that I’ve taken with Professor Sun because his courses have definitely improved my Mandarin Chinese skills and my translating skills from Chinese to English! I really enjoy courses where I can be more cultured about the different parts of the world. With my Asian Studies minor, I am required to take courses and gain knowledge about how people in different parts of the world are living. I grew up in the United States, and have rarely traveled outside the country, so learning about the cultures and customs other countries have made me realize how fortunate I am. I would recommend taking elective courses that you are passionate or have interests in. I picked my minors because of my interest in Asian countries, and that led to me traveling to China last summer to volunteer at a local orphanage.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I like to get involved on and off campus, joining different organizations, spending time with friends and watching different dramas from different countries. I believe in utilizing the most out of the college experience, therefore I want to be as involved as I can and do as much as I can handle! I worked/was involved with/am involved with Orientation, Phi Alpha Delta (Professional Law Fraternity), alpha Kappa Delta Phi (Multi-Cultured Sorority), Center for Global Engagement, Conversation Partner Program and many more. As I mentioned earlier, I have found life-long friends and have made connections through organizations that I am or was a part of. Most of the activities, community service and other service projects that I do are directly offered by the organizations that I am a part of. Harrisonburg is also located in the valley, so we have some pretty good hikes (Skyline Drive) and scenic views! I enjoy going hiking or even just visiting our arboretum with my dog!

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