Quick overview:
  • Hometown(s) & country(ies): China
  • High School/Previous Institution: No.51 High School
  • Major: Computer Infromation System  Minor: Business Analytics
  • Graduation: May 2021

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Why did you choose JMU?

I chose to study at James Madison University because of its international student program. Before I came to JMU, I have also received the offer from other universities. Snce JMU is the only one who offered the study program for international students, I did not have to hesitate anymore. The study program helped me get more involved with the JMU community and JMU very quickly became a good place to start my college life with a lot of international students who are from different countries. Take myself as an example, I had joined a special program from CGE called conversation partner program and I used to hang out with my partner once per week and chat with each other. We had built a really good relationship with each other through this program.

What do you like best about JMU?

Something that I really like about JMU is the peaceful environment. Everyone’s pace of life seems pretty slow. People here are lovely and friendly. They are always willing to hold the door for the people who are walking behind them. They love to talk with other people and share their happiness with others as well. JMU is the nicest place for every university student. It provides a bunch of different variety of clubs for student, and everyone in the organization is really open and friendly. It has the best gym for students to work out and the staff are professional and willing to help. There are serval different kinds of food from other countries in the dining hall which we can enjoy everyday. There is no word to explain how great JMU is. JMU's culture embraces everyone.

What surprised you the most during your first semester?

There is one thing I was so surprised about when I first came to JMU. That is UREC (University Recreation Center). Back to my country, I have never experienced this kind of indoor exercise building. We usually played basketball at outdoor playground when I was in high school. But in here at JMU, I can not only play basketball inside of UREC, but also I can work out with my friends in the gym everyday. UREC provides the best sporting equipments and place for us to enjoy time after school. It is a really good place to keep yourself healthy.

What is your favorite class?

One of my major 's classes is CIS330. We are trying to learn how to use SQL command to query the data out of database. Sometimes it is complicated to query the exact same data out as the question shown, and you have to spend time to figure out what the most correct solution is. My professor, Michel Mitri, assigned us a list of ten SQL queries and we had to figure out each command by keep testing data from this one database. Even though it took a lot of my time and required a. lot of patience to test, debug and run, I felt so accomplished every time I get the correct result. 

What do you like to do during your free time?

I do have a lot of free time and I spend most of it getting involved on and off campus. I like to play basketball with my friends every Friday after school and then we hang out later. I have also joined a couple of organizations. One of my responsibilities is to set-up the event together. I enjoy the work especially as it brings everyone together and closer to each other. I have found life-long friends through the orgranizaions that I am part of. I am one of the executive board members of the business organization called Beta Alpha Psi. I serve as the social chair. I have met a lot of students in the college of business. Some of them are taking the same classes as I am and we end up studying a lot together to help each other.

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