Jackie began work in the CGE in 1986 when there was a "one-person" office for JMU's first three semester programs in Florence, London, and Paris. Today, she directs the base operations of the CGE, manages the financial planning and administration of JMU's international programs, and serves as advisor to JMU faculty program directors. Areas of responsibility include supervising the planning phase, monitoring budgets, maintaining compliance with university, state and federal policies that may affect student security, as well as directing the budget and personnel functions for the office.  Throughout the year, she works closely with semester and short-term summer program directors and the CGE Study Abroad Team to insure a quality and efficient experience for JMU students. She has made site visits to JMU programs in London, Paris, and Salamanca. She also is a member of the FMIR Selection Committee and oversees the Universal Scholarship Program.

Jackie has been actively involved in university committee and service activities, including the Employee Advisory Committee (1993-94, 1999-2004; co-chair, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03); the Disability Resources Committee (2001-2003); the Employee Service Awards Task Force (2000-02); the Employee Recognition Focus Group (2001-02); and the Inaugural Committee for President Rose (1999).

A native of Virginia, Jackie attended Hollins College and Germanna Community College.

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