Can I have a global experience this summer? 

There is much hope for 2021 as we move forward with vaccines and things begin opening up, but there is also uncertainty around the timing for this all to occur. With that in mind, we are providing this guide of "possibilities" for you to peruse.

The virtual options are more of a sure thing, but the onsite programs with our affiliates are still viable options! So, if your study abroad program was cancelled or if you are not sure that your JMU program will run, don't be discouraged. You CAN go global!

Take a look at the options below | click on the links | Email us if you have questions. 

JMU Virtual Internships

You can intern abroad remotely with companies based in Dublin, Sydney, Florence, London and cities throughout Spain! READ MORE»

JMU Virtual Courses Abroad

Take JMU courses from instructors in London and Florence from home! READ MORE»

External Program Options

Our External Affiliates provide JMU students with additional opportunties for study abroad. Although not guaranteed to run (as no one can see the future) the variety of locations they have connections makes it possible that some will! For instance, CEA has students in France and Spain this semester. And, although it is not "normal" they are finding it to be a rewarding and valuable experience.





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