Short-Term Program Dates and Deadlines for SUMMER 2019
*for Spring Break 2019 programs - Other process dates may also be pushed up for SB programs.

May to July 15

Individual meeting with CGE

Faculty who are proposing programs for the first time, those who are planning a program in a new location, or those who have not led programs in the last three years must meet with Jason Good, the Director of Study Abroad.

August 1

Program Proposal Deadline


Application, flyers, and web sites are prepared by the CGE based on this proposal: location, focus and program description on flyer; tentative dates, courses, and costs.

September (tbd)

Fall Directors’ Meeting

CGE staff review procedures with all faculty directors, followed by lunch and advisory discussion with the Directors, International Accounting, and Study Abroad Team. 

September 17

Draft of Budget Projection (1)


Directors will be asked to submit a basic budget to begin establishing program costs before the Study Abroad Fair.

September 27

Study Abroad Fair

Major “kick-off “ event for recruiting. Directors are required to attend, as this event not only supports individual programs, but our Study Abroad Program as a whole.

October 1

Academic Description Form


Course approvals are due to CGE with departmental signatures.

Syllabi are required to be sent electronically.

November 1

Application Deadline

Online Application closes at midnight.

November 3-13

Director Review Phase

Directors may begin approving applicants via the Terra Dotta system. Admissions decisions are due by 5pm on the last day of the Review Phase.

November 14-16

Admission Processing

CGE is preparing student accounts for acceptance, adding deposit charges, and updating post-decision materials.

November 17

Notification of Admissions

Students are notified of admissions and given instructions regarding commitment and deposits ($500 non-refundable).

December 1

Draft of Budget Projection (2)



Online Applications Re-Opens

Tentative program fee will be posted after draft budget is approved. Confirmation of department/college funding should be attached (email/memo from chair/dean).

Students may apply for programs that have not filled. Prior to this point, the term “rolling basis” is not to be broadcast to students so as to encourage timely applications. 

December 7

Commitment and Deposit Deadline

Once notified of admission, students are billed $500 deposit to their MyMadison account. Students my pay the deposit and commit to the program via the Terra Dotta system. These two actions will reserve their space in the program.

*January 15

*Final Budget Projection DUE for Spring Break programs

*SB Programs - Signed budgets routed through the CGE, Provost, and AVP for approvals.

February 15

Travel Authorizations Issued

CGE issues travel authorizations for all program directors.

Official start and end dates established and distributed to students.

February (tba)

General Study Abroad Orientation

Mandatory meeting for all students and new Faculty Directors.  Handbooks and other materials distributed. This is an opportunity for Directors to meet their program group.

March 1

Application Phase Ends

No applications will be processed after March 1.

March 15

Final Deposits Due

All remaining students will be required to commit and make payment by this deadline.

March 18-22

Program confirmation period

Directors confirm of costs for activities and proposed itinerary for prepayment and, in conjunction with the CGE, make budget changes, determine faculty salary amounts, etc.  Meetings with International Accounting staff will be scheduled.

March 18

Final Budget Projection



Program Contact Info


Signed budgets routed through CGE, Provost, and AVP for Finance for approvals.  Budget changes after March 24 are handled by International Accounting.

CGE will be collecting the most up-to-date information regarding director contact details, accommodations, airport pick up procedures, etc.

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