FMIR Positions since 2013

Applications for Spring 2020, Summer 2020, and Fall 2020 will open in August 2018.

Semester in London

Fall 2013 Mark Rankin English
Spring 2014 Steve Whisnant Physics and Astronomy
Summer 2014
Tammy Castle  Justice Studies
Fall 2014 Lee Ward Student Affairs/ISAT 
Spring 2015
Amy Paugh Sociology and Anthropology
Summer 2015 Maggie Burkhart Evans Office of the President
Fall 2015 Sarah O'Connor Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Spring 2016 Eric Pyle Geology and Environmental Science
Summer 2016 Dietrich Maune Media Arts & Design
Fall 2016 Cathryn Molloy Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication
Spring 2017 Katie Dredger Early, Elementary, and Reading Education
Summer 2017 Brad Barnett Financial Aid and Scholarships
Fall 2017 Corey Hickerson Communication Studies
Spring 2018 Howard Lubert Political Science
Summer 2018 Amy Paugh Sociology and Anthropology
Fall 2018 Alan Kirk Philosophy and Religion
Spring 2019 Richard Lawler Sociology and Anthropology
Summer 2019 Wolf Sherrill Theatre and Dance
Fall 2019 Cassie Williams Mathematics and Statistics


Dietrich Maune (Program Director) 540-568-3039

Semester in Antwerp

Fall 2013 William Wales Management
Spring 2014
Diane Lending CIS and Business Analytics
Fall 2014 Kristin Fink Finance and Business Law
Spring 2015 Susan Opt Communication Studies
Fall 2015 Nevin Cavusoglu Economics
Spring 2016 Susan Kruck Computer Information Systems
Summer 2016 Marina Rosser Economics
Fall 2016 Robert Kolodinsky Management
Spring 2017 Laura Atkins Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics
Summer 2017 Matt Rutherford Management
Fall 2017 Sharon Strang School of Nursing
Spring 2018 Timothy Louwers School of Accounting
Summer 2018 Pamela Drake Finance and Business Law
Fall 2018 Brad Roof Accounting; Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management
Spring 2019 Elizabeth Price Library & Educational Technologies
Summer 2019 Molly Brown Accounting
Fall 2019 Ted Browning Accounting


Molly Brown (Program Director) 540-568-1697

Semester in Salamanca

Fall 2013 Karin Tollefson Art and Art History
Spring 2014
Anthony Tongen Mathematics and Statistics
Summer 2014 Cannie Campbell University Advancement
Fall 2014 Amy Graham   Nursing 
Spring 2015
Mike Saunders Kinesiology
Summer 2015
Art Dean Office of Diversity
Fall 2015 Laura Desportes Exceptional Education
Spring 2016 Maureen Shanahan Art, Design, and Art History
Summer 2016 Felix Wang Office of International Programs
Fall 2016 William Wightman Art, Design, and Art History
Spring 2017 Mary O'Donnell, Spanish
Summer 2017 Margaret Sloan, Strategic Leadership Studies
Fall 2017 N/A
Spring 2018 Shaun Wright School of Media Arts & Design
Summer 2018 Terry Beitzel Justice Studies
Fall 2018 Christiane Szeps-Fralin Foreign Languages, Literature, and Cultures
Spring 2019 Roger Tomhave Art, Design, and Art History
Summer 2019 Courtney Pelfrey Career and Academic Planning
Fall 2019 David Trouille Sociology and Anthropology


Felix Wang (Program Director) 540-568-6273

Semester in Florence

Fall 2013  --
Spring 2014  --
Summer 2014 Frank Doherty Institutional Research
Fall 2014 Elizabeth Castro Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Spring 2015
Annick Dupal Communication Studies
Summer 2015 John Scherpereel Political Science
Fall 2015 William Faranda Marketing
Spring 2016 Peter Eubanks Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Summer 2016 Tassie Pippert Hospitality, Sport, and Recreation Management
Fall 2016 Thomas McHardy Media Arts and Design
Spring 2017 Marina Rosser, Economics
Summer 2017 Paula Polglase Alumni Relations
Fall 2017 Steve Anderson School of Media Arts & Design
Spring 2018 Lori Britt Communication Studies
Summer 2018 Neil Marrin School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management
Fall 2018 Jaime Kurtz Psychology
Spring 2019 Giacomo Danielli Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Summer 2019 Jonathan Gibson Music
Fall 2019 Linda Halpern University Programs


John Scherpereel (Program Director) 540-568-3933

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