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Your gift will impel great endeavors

Ancient beliefs and practices. Breakthrough ideas. Enlightened civilizations. Historical turning points. Great endeavors. Sage teachings. The unknowable.

Understanding and improving the human condition is the fundamental quest at JMU that powers the humanities and social sciences to prepare educated and enlightened citizens.

When you give, you provide the resources for a world-class faculty to engage students in reaping and furthering the knowledge and wisdom borne of millennia of human achievement. Then you help them bring those lessons to bear on addressing the issues of today.

Your gift supports professors who love to teach and mentor students; guide student scholarship, research and creative projects; and engage students in service-learning.

JMU’s national leadership in General Education means you not only support students as they master their disciplines, but also as JMU exposes them to curriculum and experiences that heighten their sensibilities. Employers say they count on these well-grounded, critical thinkers to bring insight and context to their organizations.

These Madison graduates are prepared to engage society in the meaningful endeavors that will better the human condition. Your gift makes it possible.


Fund Description Type
The English Department Fund Help provide students with the strong foundation in the skillful use of language that employers seek. Program Support
College of Arts and Letters Fund Launch students on a lifelong search for knowledge and understanding the human condition through rigorous scholarly inquiry. Program Support
Foreign Language Fund Give students foreign language competency, global perspective and an understanding of ancient and modern cultures. Program Support
Furious Flower Poetry Center Fund Preserve the power of the American literary experience by supporting the study of poetry and encouraging new talent. Program Support
The History Department Fund Give students historical knowledge and the independent critical thinking, communication and research skills to use it. Program Support
Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication Fund Support this fund to help students in their quest to become effective and persuasive communicators. Program Support
Justice Studies Program Fund Help students develop an understanding of justice as they prepare to invest themselves in helping others. Program Support
Global Nonviolence Center Fund Honor the icon who espoused Be the Change and create a just and better world by supporting the Mahatma Gandhi Center. Program Support
The Nelson Institute Fund Support the institute as it studies ways to fight global terrorism and strengthen our nation's strategic position. Program Support
Philosophy and Religion Fund Support students as they delve into questions at the heart of the nature of knowledge and human beliefs. Program Support
Political Science Department Fund Support the Political Science Department as it prepares students for careers in the world of government and politics. Program Support
Sociology and Anthropology Fund Help students understand ancient and modern cultures, relationships and the spectrum of human diversity. Program Support
EU Policy Studies Fund Support the only one of its kind, a study abroad master's political science program focused on the European Union. Program Support
Political Science Professors Fund Honor the dedication of retired Madison professors by supporting continued enhancement of teaching and research at JMU. Read More Faculty Support
Endowment Support
Liberal Arts Legacy Fund Help retain the liberal arts professors who open doors and transform student lives with their teaching and mentoring. Read More Program Support

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