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The Gandhi Center publishes the International Journal on Responsibility (IJR), an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary forum for theoretical, practical, and methodological explorations into the various and complex issues of responsibility.

Animated by the question, “Who or what is responsible to do what for whom?” IJR is a broad-ranging journal that incorporates insights from the full range of academic and practical inquiry from the humanities and the social and natural sciences related to addressing the diverse aspects of responsibility.

IJR encourages research and reporting on ways in which responsibility relates to issues ranging from the individual to broad public concern, past, present, and future. Themes include the use of responsibility in academic and nonacademic settings; the development of new perspectives on the topic of responsibility; the application of a focus on responsibility in practical problems; and, the historical and interdisciplinary dimensions of responsibility.

To discuss a possible submission or submit a paper, or to suggest a potential special issue, please contact the Associate Editor, Howard S. Carrier

Call for Papers: Miscarriages of Justice and Responsibility

The International Journal on Responsibility (IJR), an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal housed at James Madison University, is seeking submissions for a special issue on miscarriages of justice. The journal focuses on theoretical, practical, and methodological issues related to the concept of responsibility, and seeks to answer: “Who or what is responsible to do what for whom?” With this question in mind, this special issue will center on the complex nuances associated with responsibility for producing and rectifying erroneous outcomes in the criminal justice system. LEARN MORE

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