Jerry Benson

Embodying the highest values of inquiry, learning and creativity, the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Global Nonviolence is an integral part of James Madison University. It functions as a global hub to advance the understanding of, appreciation for and practice of nonviolence, a quiet place for individual research that also hums with intellectual interaction, collaborative endeavors both internal and external and public participation on and off campus. The Gandhi Center serves as an intellectual convening force across Madison's colleges.

Established in 2005, the center is the only higher education institution outside of India to be named in honor of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (October 2, 1869 - January 30, 1948). Mahatma, meaning "great soul," was an honorific title.

I invite you to explore the work the center does on behalf of the university and broader community.


A. Jerry Benson, Ph.D.
 Provost and Senior Vice President
for Academic Affairs
James Madison University

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