In the fall semester of 2014, student and now alumnae, Amanda Presgraves, developed the idea of a student-run and a locally sourced food truck that would not only bring a dining option to JMU students and support the community, but would serve as a collaborative project promoting student entrepreneurship. With lots of help and support along the way, her idea sprung into a university-backed initiative.

After much planning and collaboration with JMU's X-Labs and Dining Services, the Fueled food truck launched in fall of 2016. Since then, the growing excitement and continued engagement from the JMU community has been inspiring!

In spring of 2017, the Fueled cross-disciplinary and project-based course was offered for the first time. Focused on the three pillars of sustainability, health, and education, students worked in groups to implement projects to further the Fueled mission. After a successful semester, the course proved itself to be such a unique and engaging educational opportunity it continued to be offered.

Fueled started as just an idea. It is now a platform for students, faculty, and staff to come together and provoke change for the better at JMU. As the food truck, class, and involvement with the JMU and Harrisonburg community continue to grow, the team is always looking for new ideas and collaborations. If you would like to share a vision you have, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our Get Involved page.

Madison Garden

Located behind East Campus Dining Hall, Madison Garden has been revitalized by students as a course project in the Fueled class of spring 2017. This interdisciplinary project allows Fueled to educate students on the importance of sustainability in food production, as well as the importance of being informed consumers.

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