Winston Weaver, Jr. ('71)

Vice Chairman

A. Wesley Graves, VI


Thomas H. Schaeffer

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Cheryl L. Lindsay

Vice President for Strategic Planning

Linwood H. Rose


O. Dean Ehlers

Assistant Secretary

Tammy K. C. Balser


Warren K. Coleman ('79, '81M)

A. Wesley Graves, VI

Christine W. Johnson ('90)

F. Claiborne Johnston, III ('00)

Charles W. King*

Nicholas L. Langridge* ('00, '07M)

Nancy J. Lantz ('71)

Cheryl L. Lindsay*

Warren K. Marshall, Sr. ('87)

John Barry Purcell, III ('96)

Thomas H. Schaeffer*

Christine M. Shelton ('70, '78M)

Phillip W. Updike ('73)

Pamela J. Ware ('82)

Winston Weaver, Jr. ('71)

W. Cliff Wood, Jr.* ('88)


As the steward of private gifts to JMU, the James Madison University Foundation Inc. and the James Madison University Real Estate Foundation Inc. are nonprofit corporations established to benefit the university. The two foundations are the only entities designated by the JMU Board of Visitors to receive and manage contributions on behalf of any part of the university. The foundations are classified as "public charities" by the IRS designation under IRS Code section 509(a). The foundation offices are located at 1320 South Main Street, MSC 8501, Harrisonburg, VA, 22807. A Form 990 is filed annually with the IRS for both foundations. 

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