You must read the following information carefully prior to applying for summer aid. At the end of this page you will be asked to agree to three statements before proceeding to the application.

  • Students must be accepted into an approved program of study and enrolled at least half time to qualify for federal aid. For financial aid purposes, half time status in the Summer term is 6 financial aid eligible credit hours for undergraduate students and 5 credit hours for graduate students. All credit hours taken throughout the summer mini-sessions are combined to determine a student's overall Summer term enrollment status for financial aid. If you do not complete all the classes for which you received financial aid, some of the aid you received may be reduced or canceled.
  • Federal Pell Grants will not be available until after July 1, 2022. Your final summer Pell Grant eligibility will also be based on your enrollment as of this date.
  • Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for summer aid. Since SAP evaluations are not run for the 2022-23 academic year until after Spring 2022 grades are posted in May, it is possible for someone to receive a financial aid award notice for Summer 2022 prior to May only to have it revoked after SAP evaluations are conducted. If you are unsure of your SAP status based on your anticipated Spring 2022 performance at the time you submit your JMU Summer Financial Aid Application, you should consult with a financial aid officer. Check here for more details.
  • Academic progress standards for financial aid differ from those used by the university to determine your eligibility for continued enrollment. Therefore, in many cases, students denied financial aid could continue taking classes. These students would need to arrange for alternative funding to pay university charges. You can research private loan options here.
  • Students receiving financial aid in the Summer 2022 term may experience delays receiving their Fall 2022/Spring 2023 financial aid award notice. These delays can be mitigated by promptly acting upon summer financial aid offers.
  • Your unaccepted summer loans may be canceled prior to awarding for Fall/Spring in order to keep unaccepted aid from reducing Fall/Spring awards. If you want to accept your summer awards, then please do so as soon as you receive your summer financial aid award notice.
Summer Hold

After you have been awarded aid for the summer term, any adjustment to your summer schedule, including failing, withdrawing from, or dropping classes, could lead to a reduction or cancellation of your aid for the entire summer term. Therefore, all students who apply for summer aid will have a registration hold placed on their account immediately after submitting the JMU Summer Financial Aid Application. You will not be able to adjust your summer school registration without first consulting the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. This hold will not impact your ability to register for the fall term. It only affects your ability to make changes to your summer registration.

This hold is being placed in order to protect you, as it mandates a discussion with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships prior to changing your registration. This provides our office the opportunity to advise you of how the potential changes might impact your aid, so you are not surprised with a bill later in the summer if/when aid is reduced.

Federal regulations make the timing of when you adjust your registration critical, so if you need to request the removal of this hold don't delay in doing so.

For these reasons, as far as you are able, please make sure your registration is final prior to submitting your JMU Summer Financial Aid Application and prior to the first day of the summer term. Otherwise, you will experience delays in being able to adjust your schedule.  If you must change your class schedule after submitting your Summer Financial Aid Application, please fill out the Summer Course Change Request Form.

Once your summer school financial aid eligibility has been determined, a notice will be sent to your JMU e-mail account. Remember, a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from changing your summer schedule once you submit the application.

Any Summer Aid Application submitted after 5 PM on August 10, 2022 may not be processed in time to be eligible for summer aid.


You must agree to the following before you proceed:

I confirm I have read the above information.   

I understand a Summer Registration Hold will be placed on my account prohibiting me from making changes to my summer schedule.

I understand the summer registration hold will NOT affect my Fall 2022 registration.

 I understand classes must be financial aid eligible to receive aid (more information about financial aid eligible hours can be found here).  

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