Preliminary Award Offer

The Preliminary Award Offer will be available in the Applicant Center for prospective students to view.  Once a student’s offer has been generated, an e-mail will be sent to the home e-mail address he/she listed on the Admission’s application stating the offer is there to be viewed.   When reviewing the offer, please keep in mind the awards are an estimate based on the Cost of Attendance from the previous year as the current year's rates have not been established at this time. 

A Note about Net Cost:

When comparing the cost of JMU and other schools, we recommend you focus on the net costs versus any particular scholarship offers. For example, it's possible in some situations that the net cost of JMU without a scholarship offer could be less expensive than the net cost of another school with a scholarship offer. While scholarships are important, the net cost is the more important figure when determining what costs you will incur when attending a particular school.

Reviewing the Preliminary Award Offer
Preliminary Award Offer
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