Please report financial aid awarded from non-JMU sources for the selected academic year.

  • Include on this form:
    1. Outside, private scholarships that are not already listed on your award notice (exclude scholarships received from JMU)
    2. Tuition waivers
    3. Any other outside (non-JMU) sources of assistance that you have been awarded
  • Do NOT include on this form:
    1. Financial assistance, including scholarships, grants or loans, that already appear on your preliminary or official award notice
    2. Scholarships you already entered on this year’s Financial Aid Questionnaire (This applies to current JMU students who have been officially awarded and have viewed their award in MyMadison.)
    3. GEAR Up or GUV Scholarship information.

You should mail private scholarship checks directly to the following address:

James Madison University
University Business Office
MSC 3516
738 South Mason Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

The University Business Office (UBO) will credit any outside scholarship(s) received between May and December to your fall semester account, unless you or the donor provide other instructions. If you intend to use these funds to pay part or your entire tuition bill, you should submit your scholarship check to the UBO before the billing deadline.

Note: University bills not paid by the deadline may be subject to penalty. For questions regarding the assessment of late fees, please contact the UBO at (540) 568-6505.

State and federal regulations require that we consider outside sources of assistance, such as scholarships, tuition waivers, prepaid plans, and veterans benefits, when awarding financial aid. You should notify our office as soon as possible about your expected receipt of these funds. In some cases, we may have to adjust your existing financial aid package to make sure it remains within state and federal guidelines.

When you submit this online form, you are confirming the accuracy of the information you provided. Should this information change, it is your responsibility to inform our office of the adjustment(s).

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