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Finance System User Tips and Alerts

Finance System Alerts

  • 8/21/17 - Accounting Technology has seen issues where the nVision Drilldown add-in for excel does not work on a Windows 7 computer that has Office 2016 installed. 

We are recommending that users experiencing these issues put in a desktop services request to have their computer re-imaged with Windows 10 / Office 2016 to regain drilldown functionality. 

Alternatively, we have designed the public query JGL0029_NVISION_DETAIL that anyone with run-query access in the Finance System can use to get their drilldown data.  This query merges drilldown data into one report (i.e. AP Voucher details will be included with Journal details for ATV activity, deposits, etc.)

Finance System User Tips

Click below on the √ icon that applies to the browser and report that you want to review the user tips for.

*NOTE: Internet Explorer instructions are part of the training material given out at the IT Training classes (Finance 9.1 Overview and Finance 9.1 Credit Card Recon).

nVision SPCC
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Safari (Mac)                
Firefox (Mac)                
Chrome (Windows)                
Firefox (Windows)                

Finance System Downloads

  Properly Completed W9 Instructions
  2016 Excel Drilldown Installation Instructions (Windows)
  2013 Excel Drilldown Installation Instructions (Windows)
  Excel Drilldown Installation Instructions (Mac)
  9.1 Document of Change for End Users