GWRIT 102H--Fall 2001 Dr. Janette Martin

Paper #3--Research Project

Objective: This paper, worth 30% of the course grade, will be a Rogerian argument in a researched form. The objective is to use all of the skills we've worked on so far in the argument analysis paper and the unresearched Rogerian argument, including establishing a qualified claim and developing and supporting it through strong evidence. We'll add evidence from selected sources to this paper's argument. Reading critically, summarizing sources' ideas, selecting relevant quotations, synthesizing sources' ideas with our own, and following MLA conventions for documentation are part of the work for this project.

· The first draft is due for peer review on Nov. 8 and then in conferences on Nov. 13 and Nov. 15 (drafts in progress are due Nov. 6). The final is due in class Tues. Nov. 27. Drafts are due on all dates and will be counted late if not presented.

· The paper will be 1500-2000 words in length (about 6-8 pages).

· The argument is thesis driven, and is Rogerian (includes the opposition).

· Argument strategies (evidence) provide support for and develop the argument.

· As sources, include 2 books, 2 scholarly journals, and at least 2 more sources (=minimum 6).

· Quotations "fit" well and either support the writer's position or the opposition's arguments. Quotations add quality to the argument; they help move the argument ahead.

· Use MLA style in-text documentation (see Everyday Writer--MLA Documentation section)

· An MLA style Works Cited is included at the end of the paper.

· Style has been considered in the final--sentence structure and variety, word choice, verb choice, tone, diction, etc.

Evaluation will be based on the following:

· Exceptional · Good · Competent · Unclear

· The thesis (claim) is clear, well qualified and all parts of the paper develop or support the thesis
· The assumptions underlying the claim (warrants) are generally accepted, and arguments (grounds) are clear and persuasive
· The opposition (objections) is included in Rogerian fashion; common ground is established and rebuttals offered
· The number and type of sources included meet the requirements of the assignment
· Quotations move the argument ahead. They are selected to "add-value" to the argument.
· Quotations fit clearly and coherently
· MLA style is correct for in-text citations and for the Works Cited list
· Overall, the argument is clear, well-organized, and grammatically correct
· Style is strong--sentence structure and variety, word/verb choice, diction, tone, etc.


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