RhetTech Journal Submissions

Mon, 31 Jan 2022 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM

Do you have a topic you’re passionate about? Do you have writing projects you’re really proud of and want to find them a new home? If so, submit to the undergraduate journal RhetTech! James Madison University’s  RhetTech aims to highlight the work of undergraduate students in the disciplines of writing, rhetoric, and/or technical communication. Regardless of where you are in your undergraduate career, RhetTech is a great opportunity to see your work published in a peer-reviewed journal.

We accept a variety of content including videos, podcasts, photo essays, reviews, websites, blogs, text-based essays, and more. Submissions are only accepted during the fall semester of each academic year, and each new issue is published near the end of the spring semester. 

This year’s volume will include a special section which focuses on mental health. We are aware that mental health is a broad topic; as such, writers might take up the following issues, but are not limited to them: 

  • Stigma related to mental health/illnesses 
  • Awareness of mental health issues, challenges, and treatment options 
  • Coping strategies for mental health
  • Self-care and mental health
  • Rhetoric and/of mental health

Why submit?

  • Chance to be published in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Opportunity to start a dialogue with other students of rhetoric, writing and/or technical communication 
  • National exposure and bragging rights
  • Feedback from a dedicated team of editors

Learn more and submit your work on the RhetTech website, https://www.jmu.edu/wrtc/students/undergraduate/rhet-tech.shtml

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