Talent Development

7 Practices That Help People Who Are Struggling (TD2137)

Tue, 7 Nov 2023 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Wine-Price Building

Description: Have you, someone on your team, or one of your students made a mistake that seems overwhelming? Come to this workshop to learn the seven practices of restorative living and how to apply them to real situations.

The restorative approach provides a way to move past a one time or ongoing adversity. Come to practice restorative journaling, restorative mentoring, restorative quests, trust building activities, and restorative circles to build resilience, GRIT, a growth mindset, as well as improved self-care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the 7 aspects of restorative living
  • Practice skills related to restorative living
  • Consider applications within your workspace

Type of Information: Practice-driven
Level of Interaction: Extensive sharing
Extent of Practice: Scenerios and activities

Facilitated by: Josh Bacon, Ph.D. Faculty Emeritus

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