Talent Development

IQ or EQ? Both Please! (Emotional Intelligence Basics) (TD2060)

Wed, 18 Jan 2023 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Location: Wine-Price Building

Description: If there was something that could help you be more successful, have higher quality relationships, and be happier, would you want it? Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can lead to all of those outcomes, and the good news is, you already have some Emotional Intelligence and can build even more! Join us to learn about the concept of Emotional Intelligence, assess your EQ, and explore how to raise your EQ so that you can be happier and more effective at work and at home.

In this workshop participants will:                        

  • Learn about the four domains of Emotional Intelligence                                                                   
  • Explore why we should care about our Emotional Intelligence skills                                  
  • Identify areas of Emotional Intelligence strength                                                                     
  • Identify an area of Emotional Intelligence growth and create an action plan

Type of Information: Receiving data and practice
Level of Interaction: 
Pair and sharing
Extent of Practice: 
Scenerios and activities

Facilitated by: 
Jules Myers, Professional Development Specialist, Talent Development

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