Talent Development

What Every JMU Supervisor Needs To Know (TD2104)

Tue, 14 Apr 2020 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Location: Wine-Price Building

Session: Session 9 of 9

Description: The "What Every JMU Supervisor Needs to Know" series consists of nine workshops that focuses on the human resources role, responsibility, and tasks you perform as a supervisor. Each session centers on a different function and will emphasize practical understanding and application for supervisors. The series is structured to allow networking and discussion of supervisory challenges as they pertain to each human resource topic.

Notice: The learning associated with this series depends on your attendance and participation with others in all sessions. As a result, you must attend all sessions. Please review your calendars for commitment to the entire series prior to registration. Total class time is 27 hours. Please review the schedule to ensure your attendance at all sessions.

Session 9: Exit, Stage Right

This final session will equip you with a thorough understanding of the policy requirements for the transfer and separation of your employees. Following the process outlined in Policy 1314 helps to protect the university's property and security, plus ensure compliance with legal and audit requirements. During the exit process, separating employees receive important benefit information, including options to continue health insurance coverage, and guidance in making important retirement plan decisions - both of which can have long-term implications. The exiting process also encourages the separating employee to participate in an exit interview, in order to gain an understanding why the employee is leaving the university.


  • Understand your role and responsibilities with the exit process
  • Learn how and when separating employee's access to various university-provided services ends
  • Understand the legal and audit requirements for a separating employee

Facilitated by: Jennifer Kester, Assistant Director, Human Resources; Julie Byers, Benefits Administrator, Human Resources; Chuck Flick, Director, Human Resources

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