College of Health and Behavioral Studies

CHBS Equity Facilitators’ Group (Faculty and Staff Community)

Wed, 17 Mar 2021 12:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Group will meet online on Thursdays, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8/, and 4/22 from 9:00-10:30 AM. 

Application deadline: Wednesday, 3/17/2021 at 5:00 PM.

In order for equity work to truly happen, we all need to be at the table. In this institute, we envision members of majority groups and diverse staff and faculty participants coming together, people from different departments coming together, diverse viewpoints converging and diverging in a safe, brave space where we can grow together. Upon completion, participants of this Institute will be prepared for and invited to assume facilitation roles in CHBS to advance conversations regarding equity, intersectionality, and anti-oppression.  

 Racial equity, simply stated, involves a process of examining root causes and conditions, such as cultural norms, beliefs and attitudes, and policies and practices, that feed and sustain systemic racism and discrimination against other oppressed groups. An antiracist approach will be used in this Institute, an approach that examines how racism operates on personal, interpersonal, and systemic levels to oppress “racialized others” and sustain dynamics of dominance--inequities that may be experienced by other minoritized populations/groups with various historically marginalized identities. Intersectionality of identity is recognized as an organizing framework for this group as we welcome the inclusion of other diverse identities to the table (think gender, class, sexual orientation, religious, language, country of origin, etc…) who may experience personal, interpersonal, and systemic oppression in similar and different ways.  

This group will use mindfulness as a tool in the process of exploring personal stories, cultivating awareness in interpersonal interactions, and examining and changing institutional policy and practice. Mindfulness is moment-to-moment, non-judgmental awareness of the body, emotions, and mind. Participants will be invited to engage in various mindfulness practices to explore their own experiences as they relate to racial equity and intersectionalities. This exploration of self, other, and systems will undoubtedly invite vulnerability. Vulnerability is mutual self-disclosure for the purposes of insight and connection. 

Join this group of faculty and staff who will explore select learning exercises focused on self, other, and systems awareness and change (S.O.S. approach) from the book, Culturally Competent Engagement: A Mindful Approach and from the book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice. This CHBS Equity Facilitators Group is meant to be a continuation of a lifelong journey and majority and diverse participants will be asked to lead  and be co-creators in future equity conversations in the College of Health & Behavioral Studies.


  • Shanza Isom, M.S.W., College of Health and Behavioral Studies
  • Mary Walala, M. Ed. in Equity and Diversity, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services 
  • Ed Brantmeier, Ph. D. CFI & College of Education

Partner: College of Health & Behavioral Studies

Participants will make progress toward:

  • Examining racial stories and their linkages to systemic racism and white supremacy.
  • Acquiring skills for facilitating equity conversations in small groups, such as implicit bias recognition, non-judgmental listening, perspective taking, and disrupting bias and discrimination when it is happening.  
  • Examining power dynamics in policy and practice, and acquiring courage to speak up, act for change, and “call in” co-workers for transformative dialogue. 
  • Generating body, mind, and emotional awareness surrounding racial equity and other forms of equity by utilizing mindfulness practices.


We want this program to be welcoming, accessible, and inclusive for all of our participants. Please describe any considerations (e.g., disability, wellness, cultural, etc.) you want us to know about in the registration survey. You may also reach out to us personally at Tiffany Runion, or (540)568-4846.

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