Building a Sensitivity Reader Network at JMU (Online Roundtable)

Tue, 13 Oct 2020 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

This roundtable has been postponed. The CFI will attempt to reschedule it for a later date.

Interested in or curious about a sensitivity reader network? Contact the CFI.

Sensitivity readers “help eliminate stereotypes, bias, potentially harmful content, and false information or inaccuracies” (Rowlands, 2019). By considering tone, ideas, language, and audience, a sensitivity reader can both improve writing and educate the author simultaneously. In this roundtable, we will explore what a sensitivity reader is, identify possible impacts on scholarship, and consider how we might build a Sensitivity Reader Network at JMU. Through facilitated dialogue and discussion, we will brainstorm ways this network might operate or be managed, intentionally thinking about how not to burden the same (already overtaxed) marginalized faculty while still being able to get peer feedback from an informed member of a specific community. All are welcome to participate in the roundtable; participation does not mean that you have to join any network or take advantage of such opportunities for feedback on your work.


Faculty participants will make progress toward these program outcomes:

  • Defining sensitivity readers;
  • Identifying ways a sensitivity reader network might be built, managed, and sustained at JMU;
  • Naming potential challenges and opportunities of building sensitivity reader network at JMU; and
  • Examining the impact of sensitivity readers on scholarly activities.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these scholarship outcomes:

  • Appreciating the diverse forms, purposes, and communication modes of scholarship in higher education;
  • Enhancing scholarly productivity;
  • Forming collaborative scholarly projects with students, faculty, & staff at JMU and other institutions; and
  • Advancing scholarly skills.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these teaching outcomes:

  • Identifying factors that influence pedagogical choices; and
  • Practicing the integration of scholarship and teaching. 
Our programs are intended for JMU faculty or staff only. If you are a graduate student or administrator and would like to attend, please sign up and leave a note at the end of the survey.

We want this program to be welcoming, accessible, and inclusive for all of our participants. Please describe any considerations (e.g., disability, wellness, cultural, etc.) you want us to know about in the registration survey. You may also reach out to us personally at Tiffany Runion, or (540)860-0524.

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