Center for Faculty Innovation

Building Teacher-Scholars Across Disciplines (Roundtable)

Wed, 5 Feb 2020 11:15 AM - 1:15 PM

Location: Madison Union room 405; lunch will be provided. If you plan to attend, and would like to join us for lunch, please register on or before Wed, Jan 29.

Join the Engaged Teacher Scholars (ETS) from the Center for Faculty Innovation for a speed networking event where participants will meet other scholars investigating learning in their courses. Engaged Teacher-Scholars are educators who engage in evidence-demonstrated teaching and learning scholarly activities and have been selected to share their experiences with the campus community. Facilitators will provide a brief overview of the common types of SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning). Participants will learn about SoTL projects currently being conducted by the Engaged Teacher-Scholars and will network with ETS leaders and other attendees to explore potential collaborations on scholarly projects. 

Facilitator: Dayna Henry, Ph.D. MCHES, Department of Health Sciences.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these program outcomes:

  • Recognizing the different genres of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL),
  • Developing research questions for their own SoTL projects, and
  • Forming interdisciplinary collaborations with other teacher-scholars.

Faculty participants will make progress toward these scholarship outcomes:

  • Appreciating the diverse forms, purposes, and communication modes of scholarship in higher education;
  • Forming collaborative scholarly projects with students, faculty, & staff at JMU and other institutions; and
  • Practicing the integration of scholarship with teaching and other career aspirations.

We want this program to be welcoming, accessible, and inclusive for all of our participants. Please reach out to us at or (568-4846) with any considerations (e.g., disability, wellness, cultural, dietary, etc.) you want us to know about.

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