Center for Faculty Innovation

Call for Faculty Associates—Scholarship and Career Planning Areas

Mon, 14 Jan 2019 12:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Please consider joining a dynamic, innovative team of instructional faculty who are dedicated to enhancing academic culture at JMU.

Faculty applications are now being accepted for Faculty Associate – Scholarship Area and Faculty Associate – Career Planning Area positions in the Center for Faculty Innovation (CFI). The CFI works to enhance academic culture by encouraging excellence in teaching, scholarship, and career planning for JMU faculty. CFI Faculty Associates are full-time, 10-month JMU instructional faculty who receive a course release or stipend during the fall and spring semesters. Joining a diverse and collaborative team for up to three academic years, Faculty Associates contribute substantially to the creation, delivery, and evaluation of programs that support the development of JMU faculty. In addition to the specific qualifications detailed below, all applicants must be interested in university faculty development, well organized, and willing to work collaboratively on team-based initiatives.

CFI is committed to working as a team of educational developers that represents diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences. We especially seek applicants committed to advancing inclusivity in educational development programs and spaces pertaining to teaching, scholarship, and career planning.

Scholarship Area Faculty Associates
The CFI encourages applications from faculty who have interest in and/or experience working on initiatives involving research and scholarship related to equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who can create and facilitate faculty communities around these topics. Familiarity with and connections to Montpelier are desired in order to catalyze engaged scholarship. Respecting the diversity of scholarship that JMU faculty engage in, the CFI offers inclusive, evidence-based enrichment opportunities. Scholarship programs create a vibrant community of scholars engaged in mindful, scholarly pursuits, both individually and collectively. Ideal candidates will be accomplished practitioners whose scholarship experiences align with one or more of the areas indicated above. Preference will be given to candidates who can contribute to multiple initiatives. Read more about the Scholarship Area.

Career Planning Area Faculty Associates
The CFI’s Career Planning Area invites applications from faculty who want to contribute to, and create new, programs that help faculty plan successful careers, document their achievements, and achieve work-life balance. Besides developing new programs, faculty associates in the Career Planning Team are invited to contribute to the New Faculty Orientation and New Faculty Academy and to serve as faculty peer mentors. We encourage faculty with a wide range of experiences to apply, including those with interests in part-time and adjunct faculty careers. Read more about the Career Planning Area.

Candidates will be selected by January 25, 2019. The position in Career Planning will begin in spring, while the position in the Scholarship area will begin in fall, with shadowing of current faculty associates in spring. Faculty Associates receive a course release per academic semester (negotiated with the academic unit head) or a $3,000 stipend for their contributions to the CFI. CFI is committed to working as a team of educational developers that represents diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and experiences.

Application Materials (click here for an application checklist)

  1. Cover letter, indicating relevant experience and/or interest, including the candidate’s experience working and contributing to diverse professional environments.
  2. Current curriculum vita.
  3. Letter of nomination(generally nominations are provided by peers or administrators with knowledge of your work and strengths as a faculty member).
  4. Endorsement statementfrom your Academic Unit Head (AUH). Endorsements need only indicate support and can take the following form:


"I support  ___________________'s application for the position of CFI Faculty Associate.

Name: __________Title: ___________"

Application Process

Submit items #1 and #2 to by January 14, 2019, at 5:00 PM. Ensure that items #3 and #4 are also submitted by January 14, 2019, at 5:00 PM. For cases in which the AUH is also the nominator, the AUH should submit each document separately, but may supply both as part of the same email.

Questions about the particular positions may be directed to:

Ed Brantmeier ( – Scholarship Area

Andreas Broscheid ( – Career Planning Area

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