April 2020

  • Apr 24: Seminar by Dean Cocking (JMU)
  • Apr 17: Biosymposium Keynote by Linda Bruett (Novartis)
  • Apr 10: Seminar by Nathan Anthony Smith (George Washington University)
  • Apr 3: Seminar: First-Year Graduate Student Research Proposal Presentations

March 2020

  • Mar 27: Seminar by Megan Ross (Lincoln Park Zoo)
  • Mar 20: Seminar: First-Year Graduate Student Research Proposal Presentations
  • Mar 6: Seminar: First-Year Graduate Student Research Proposal Presentations

February 2020

  • Feb 28: Seminar: Ecology & Adaptation of Channel Islands Songbirds (T. Scott Sillett, Smithsonian)
  • Feb 21: Seminar: Four Years and Five Thousand Students Later – Has it been a “CURE-all”? (Joseph Harsh, JMU)
  • Feb 14: Seminar CANCELLED (Amanda Hoppers, New England Biolabs)
  • Feb 7: Seminar by Liz Grogan (ETHOS Health Communications)

January 2020

  • Jan 31: CSM Career Workshop
  • Jan 31: Seminar: The Microcystis microbiome: A systems approach to understanding the freshwater bloom community (Morgan Steffen, JMU)
  • Jan 24: Seminar: A bacterial quorum sensing signal arrests phytoplankton cell division and protects against virus-induced mortality
  • Jan 17: Seminar: Demography and Life History Evolution in a wild Lemur population (Richard Lawler, JMU)

November 2019

  • Nov 15: Seminar: Salamanders in the Mist: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation of Mountaintop Salamanders (David Marsh, Washington and Lee)
  • Nov 8: Seminar: Mechanisms of glioma-induced seizures (Susan Campbell, VaTech)
  • Nov 1: Seminar by David McLeod, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, JMU

October 2019

  • Oct 26: Homecoming Brunch
  • Oct 25: Seminar: “Some like it hot” and sweet! – A journey through the life of disease vector insects (Chloe Lahondere, VaTech)
  • Oct 18: Seminar: Genetic diversity and disease: investigations of natural and agricultural populations (Amanda Gibson, UVa)
  • Oct 11: Seminar: How environment shapes diversification and demography of parachuting frogs and woodland salamanders (Kyle O'Connell, Smithsonian)
  • Oct 4: Seminar: The role of associated bacterial communities in health and conservation: from frogs to sloth bears (Andrew Loudon, Cleveland Zoo)

September 2019

  • Sep 27: Seminar: Adaptation across seasonal time-scales in Drosophila and Daphnia (Alan Bergland, UVa)
  • Sep 20: Seminar: Ecology of migratory birds: using behavior to inform conservation (Lesley Bulluck, VCU)
  • Sep 13: Seminar: A tale of two snakes: Improving brown treesnake control methods and exploring rattlesnake den structure (S. Boback, Dickinson College)
  • Sep 6: Seminar: Phylogenomics and genome size evolution: exploring the evolution of parasitism in copepods (James Bernot, GWU)

April 2019

  • Apr 19: Seminar: BiodiversiTree: A 100-Year Forest Restoration Experiment
  • Apr 12: Biosymposium Keynote Presentation by Nicholas Pullen
  • Apr 5: Seminar: Understanding Diversification Using Population Genomics in North American Snakes

March 2019

  • Mar 29: Seminar: Synaptic Aging: Driver or Byproduct of Neural and Muscle Dysfunction?
  • Mar 22: Seminar: First-Year Graduate Student Proposal Presentations III
  • Mar 15: Seminar: First-Year Graduate Student Proposal Presentations II
  • Mar 1: Seminar: First-Year Graduate Student Proposal Presentations I

February 2019

  • Feb 22: Seminar: Of Fins and Fingers: Ancient gene regulatory mechanisms that pattern vertebrate appendages
  • Feb 15: Seminar: The role of creative narration and illustration in future teachers' understanding and communication of abstract biological concepts
  • Feb 8: Seminar: Investigating Protein Structure, Function and Design with Robotics-inspired methods and Machine Learning

January 2019

  • Jan 25: Seminar: Evolution of sexual dimorphism and species variation in damselflies
  • Jan 18: Seminar: Machine learning and the practice of prediction in disease ecology
  • Jan 11: Seminar: Drop it Like it's Hot: Regulation of thermal and mechanical nociception in Drosophila melanogaster larvae

November 2018

  • Nov 30: Seminar: Human Pathogens on Plants: A Case Study of Salmonella in the Tomato Pre-harvest Environment
  • Nov 16: Seminar: Community disassembly and reassembly in extreme environments
  • Nov 9: Seminar: Transforming the study of ocean food webs: Atoms to Ecosystems
  • Nov 2: Seminar: Stress hormones as multi-scale modulators of disease risk in a changing world

October 2018

  • Oct 26: Seminar: Development and validation of a novel fluorescent biosensor to measure forces acting on the nuclei of living cells
  • Oct 19: Seminar: Building the Human Brain: Cytoskeletal Regulation of Neurodevelopment
  • Oct 12: Seminar: Synaptic aging: driver or byproduct of neural and muscle dysfunction
  • Oct 5: Seminar: Melanopsin: from molecule to behavior

September 2018

  • Sep 28: Seminar: Non-invasive brain stimulation to assess and improve sensorimotor function in individuals with spinal cord injury
  • Sep 21: Seminar: Hormonally mediated gene expression and the evolution of sexual dimorphism
  • Sep 14: Seminar CANCELLED: Drop it Like it's Hot: Regulation of thermal and mechanical nociception in Drosophila melanogaster larvae
  • Sep 7: Seminar: Understanding the drivers of cooperation in a dynamic social network

April 2018

  • Apr 20: Seminar: The resilient forest - From cows to monkeys in Panama
  • Apr 13: Biosymposium Keynote Presentation

March 2018

  • Mar 30: Seminar: Graduate Student Thesis Proposal Presentations IV
  • Mar 23: Seminar: Graduate Student Thesis Proposal Presentations III
  • Mar 9: Seminar: Graduate Student Thesis Proposal Presentations II
  • Mar 2: Seminar: Graduate Student Thesis Proposal Presentations I

February 2018

  • Feb 23: Seminar by Alison Buchan from the University of Tennessee
  • Feb 16: Seminar: Millipede biodiversity and the evolution of bioluminescence
  • Feb 9: Seminar: Living in a changing world: How the environment shapes reproductive strategies
  • Feb 2: Seminar: Measurement of Mechanical Forces Across Cell-Cell Junctions and the Nuclear LINC Complex

January 2018

  • Jan 31: Madison Scholar Lecture: Dr. Roshna Wunderlich
  • Jan 29: Colloqium: Jim Collins, Virginia M. Ullman Professor of Natural History and the Environment at Arizona State University
  • Jan 26: Seminar: Integrating animal reproduction: applications from evolution to conservation
  • Jan 19: Seminar: Adaptation and mismatch in a coevolutionary arms race between toxic prey and their resistant predators
  • Jan 12: The relevance of natural history museums to science and society in the 21st century

November 2017

  • Nov 17: Seminar by Tim Bloss from JMU (Title TBA)
  • Nov 10: Seminar: "Green plasticulture: Evaluating environmentally sustainable alternatives to agricultural plastics"
  • Nov 3: Seminar: "Some like it hot: Diversity and evolution of the Nanoarchaeota"

October 2017

  • Oct 27: Seminar: "Value is in the eye of the beholder: visual attention and value signals in the primate orbitofrontal cortex"
  • Oct 20: Seminar: Applications of protein biochemistry in HPV vaccine manufacturing
  • Oct 13: Seminar -- Swimming in a sea of microbes and viruses: insights into hosts-phage interactions using a model system

September 2017

  • Sep 29: Seminar: "Science communication, chemical communication and the study of ant societies"
  • Sep 22: Seminar: Faculty & Student Reports on 2017 Biology Study Abroad Programs
  • Sep 15: Seminar: A computational investigation of asymmetric emergent structures in actomyosin dynamics during chemotaxis
  • Sep 8: Seminar: Exploiting plant pathogen genomes

April 2017

  • Apr 21: Biosymposium Seminar: 'From the beginning: a brief history of an emerging forest disease'
  • Apr 20: JMU Biosymposium
  • Apr 14: Protecting the living dead: susceptibility of dormant zooplankton in the Anthropocene
  • Apr 7: Genome-Wide RNA Profiling to Discover Mechanisms Regulating Nucleotide Metabolism in Arabidopsis

March 2017

  • Mar 31: End of Lecture? Active learning increases student achievement across STEM disciplines
  • Mar 17: Seminar - First Year Graduate Student Proposals
  • Mar 17: Bioseminar: Bacillus phages variety pack: from matchsticks to giants

January 2017

  • Jan 20: Seminar: A novel mechanism mediating cardiac conduction and the progression of heart failure

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