February 2018

  • Feb 23: Seminar by Alison Buchan from the University of Tennessee
  • Feb 16: Seminar by Paul Marek from VaTech
  • Feb 9: Seminar: Living in a changing world: How the environment shapes reproductive strategies
  • Feb 2: Seminar: Measurement of Mechanical Forces Across Cell-Cell Junctions and the Nuclear LINC Complex

January 2018

  • Jan 26: Seminar: Integrating animal reproduction: applications from evolution to conservation
  • Jan 19: Seminar: Adaptation and mismatch in a coevolutionary arms race between toxic prey and their resistant predators
  • Jan 12: The relevance of natural history museums to science and society in the 21st century

November 2017

  • Nov 17: Seminar by Tim Bloss from JMU (Title TBA)
  • Nov 10: Seminar: "Green plasticulture: Evaluating environmentally sustainable alternatives to agricultural plastics"
  • Nov 3: Seminar: "Some like it hot: Diversity and evolution of the Nanoarchaeota"

October 2017

  • Oct 27: Seminar: "Value is in the eye of the beholder: visual attention and value signals in the primate orbitofrontal cortex"
  • Oct 20: Seminar: Applications of protein biochemistry in HPV vaccine manufacturing
  • Oct 13: Seminar -- Swimming in a sea of microbes and viruses: insights into hosts-phage interactions using a model system

September 2017

  • Sep 29: Seminar: "Science communication, chemical communication and the study of ant societies"
  • Sep 22: Seminar: Faculty & Student Reports on 2017 Biology Study Abroad Programs
  • Sep 15: Seminar: A computational investigation of asymmetric emergent structures in actomyosin dynamics during chemotaxis
  • Sep 8: Seminar: Exploiting plant pathogen genomes

April 2017

  • Apr 21: Biosymposium Seminar: 'From the beginning: a brief history of an emerging forest disease'
  • Apr 20: JMU Biosymposium
  • Apr 14: Protecting the living dead: susceptibility of dormant zooplankton in the Anthropocene
  • Apr 7: Genome-Wide RNA Profiling to Discover Mechanisms Regulating Nucleotide Metabolism in Arabidopsis

March 2017

  • Mar 31: End of Lecture? Active learning increases student achievement across STEM disciplines
  • Mar 17: Seminar - First Year Graduate Student Proposals
  • Mar 17: Bioseminar: Bacillus phages variety pack: from matchsticks to giants

January 2017

  • Jan 20: Seminar: A novel mechanism mediating cardiac conduction and the progression of heart failure

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