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Michele is an international attorney and an active member of the Bar of the Lawyers of Florence.

He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M., with honors) in American law and International Legal Practice from Loyola Law School (Los Angeles, USA). He concentrates his work in the areas of international corporate transactions, contract negotiations, IP, immigration and litigation.

For over 12 years he has been providing a variety of professional legal services to individuals and companies based around the world operating in different business areas such as luxury, fashion, software house, real estate investment groups, and road infrastructure.

Michele works continuously in the areas of immigration law, representing international protection seekers before the Territorial Commission for Recognition of International Protection, as well as many companies and foreign professionals while applying for their immigration documents, before the Italian diplomatic authorities around the world.

In addition to extensive in-court experience, he matured diversified experience in the areas of civil law, real estate transactions, insolvency, torts, breach of contracts and in criminal trials, mainly representing the victims of crimes.

Michele has developed a specific know-how and experience in the area of Intellectual Property. In 2016 he was ranked as TOP 1000 World Trademark Professionals (2016 ed.), by WTR 1000, the standalone research directory published by the UK magazine World Trademark Review. After completing his master in 2010, during the World Expo of Shanghai, he worked in China, collaborating with HFG IP LAW FIRM, ranked by Fortune 500 as “The best Intellectual Property Law Firm in Shanghai,” gaining considerable experience in the protection of the Intellectual Property rights of international companies.

His name appears in the list of the recommended lawyers of the US General Consulate in Florence.

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