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Faculty Fellow - Emeritus
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Sarah Taylor Mayhak is a faculty member in the School of Communication Studies. As an Instructor, her areas of focus include the Basic Communication Course for first year students, Honors students, and Communication Training for upper division Communication students. 

Over the last several years, Sarah has become increasingly engaged with Ethical Reasoning in Action, moving from faculty workshops to integrating the 8 Key Questions in and across her curriculum. In the communication classroom, Sarah uses the 8 Key Questions as a framework for practicing ethical persuasion and developing ethical training programs. 

In the 2017-2018 academic year, Sarah had the privilege of working with the Ethical Reasoning Educators (ERE's) to develop multiple training programs focused on facilitation skills to build up this peer educator group. As a Fellow, Sarah will continue to work alongside of the ERE’s, and hopes to explore the development of an Ethical Reasoning Lab.

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