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Faculty Fellow - Emeritus
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Dr. Tim Ball is a faculty member in the School of Communication Studies and has served as the GCOM Basic Course Director in the General Education Program since 2003. Dr. Ball’s research interests include the development of pedagogical assignments and tools that aid student learning as well as the assessment of cognitive, behavioral, and affective measures on communication competence.

Dr. Ball served as an Ethical Reasoning in Action Fellow from August 2014 to May 2016. He piloted an 8-week online ethical reasoning curriculum, the "Madison Collaborative Interactive," in the spring of 2015, which resulted in a publication with co-authors:

Ames, A. J., Smith, K. L., Sanchez, E. R. H., Pyle, L., Ball, T., & Hawk, W. J. (2017). Impact and persistence of ethical reasoning education on student learning: Results from a module-based ethical reasoning educational program. International Journal of Ethics Education, 2(1), 77-96. doi:10.1007/s40889-016-0031-x

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