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Hello and welcome to the Official James Madison University MacGuffin Film Journal website.

Be sure to be on the look out for Volume 4 of MacGuffin around campus. You can pick up a free copy from the English Department's main office located in Keezell 215 (on the second floor at the back of the building).

If you have any questions or concerns about MacGuffin, feel free to email us at

Anatomy of a murder

What is MacGuffin?

The MacGuffin Film Journal is a student-run, film-studies journal that features student-submitted papers, analyses, and screenplays.

Gina Doerr founded the MacGuffin Film Journal in the fall of 2007. The following spring, the journal's first issue was released.

MacGuffin is published annually through the JMU English Department. Copies are free and can be found across campus, generally around the end of April.

Alfred Hitchcock

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