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Colonial Wounds / Postcolonial Repair
12 March – 13 April 2019
curated by Maureen Shanahan & Beth Hinderliter
Wampler Visiting Professor & Cultural Connections Exhibition
Opening Reception: 12 March 2019, 5-7p

Colonial Wounds/ Postcolonial Repair, an exhibition co-curated by Maureen Shanahan and Beth Hinderliter, will be open to the public in the Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art. The exhibition traces the story of French colonialism and colonial violence through the contemporary artwork of Algerian artist Amina Menia (b. 1976) as contextualized by historical materials. Menia’s photography, film and installation works look at how Algerian monuments commemorating World War I and the era of French colonization (1830-1962) have been re-appropriated, demolished or left to disintegrate. Her artwork will be contextualized through World War I era medical illustrations, documentary photography, and film borrowed from the National Museum of Health & Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland and from archives in France.

White Noise
Chris Cohen
MFA Thesis Exhibition
22 April - 25 May 2019
Opening Reception: 22 April 2019, 5-7p



Edge Walkers
10 September - 13 October 2019
Group design exhibition curated by Keenan Rowe
Opening Reception: Monday, 09 September. 5-7p

School of Art, Design & Art History Faculty Exhibition
25 October - 08 December 2019
Opening Reception: Monday, 28 October. 5-7p

Lindsay Packer
28 January - 29 February 2020
Opening Reception: Monday, 27 January, 5-7p

Antonio Serna: Documents of Resistance
17 March - 19 April 2020
Opening Reception: Monday, 16 March, 5-7p

MFA Thesis Exhibition
27 April - 09 May 2020

Southeast Fibers Educators Association (SEFEA)
18 May - 27 June 2020
Hosted by Rob Mertens

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