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Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art is a space for vibrant cultural discourse.  It is a space where the local community and academic community share ideas about contemporary art and our wider cultural experiences.  Art confronts.  Art energizes.  Art breaks barriers between languages and brings us together to be inspired and knowledgable citizens, no matter where we come from.


To present the highest level of fine art experiences and to create an active space for robust discourse of vital issues facing our society.

To be a visionary leader of fine art for all.

— Represent the needs of all school areas and develop pertinent programming that fosters multidisciplinary learning.
— Develop exhibitions and programming that focus on the School’s students, the wider campus population and the broader community.
— Discuss new ways of presenting artwork, curatorial projects and the various events that pertain to such programs.
— Be a leader in support of gallery events and exhibitions.

Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art is sponsored by the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the School of Art, Design and Art History.


Duke Hall was built in 1967 and is adjacent to James Madison University’s historic Quad. GUND designed the renovation of and addition to Duke Hall which opened in 2014 to house the University’s thriving visual arts programs. Duke Hall was originally built as classroom, studio, and faculty office facility for JMU’s Music, Theatre, and Art Departments.

As the flagship Fine Arts facility on campus, the renovated and enlarged Duke Hall houses traditional Studio Arts and Art History programs, as well as administration and professional gallery functions. The new and renovated facility establishes a functional home for the academic studio arts, design, art education, art history and related programs, and in addition seeks to realign these academic and related programs with contemporary practices. Creating safe learning environments that inspire arts exploration was central to GUND's design approach. The addition houses some of the program’s more intense studio needs in space constructed to meet their specifc environmental requirements. (source)

History of SADAH

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