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Free video consultations

Any JMU student, faculty, or staff working on a digital project can schedule an appointment to work with one of our peer consultants through a video meeting. All consultations are non-directive and non-evaluative: we're hear to empower you to be a content creator. Video consultations can last up to 40 minutes.  

Go to our Appointy scheduler to book your video consultation: 

Note: Clients who are more than 15 minutes late to their consultation will be marked as a "No Show" and their consultation will be canceled. 

Steps for a Video Consultation

1. Go to
2. Make an account using your Dukes email
3. Download and install Zoom on your computer

If you have problems logging into or making an account try using a different web browser

Tips for a Great Consultation
  • Plan to be in a quiet area
  • If it’s not quiet, try to use earbuds that have a microphone
  • Have your project pulled up on your computer by itself in a web browser
  • Make sure your computer is charged or connected to a charger

How it's Going to Work 

  1. Before your consultation is scheduled to start, make sure you are logged into your Zoom account and have the window open with the option "start with video."

  1. At the time your consultation is scheduled to start, your tutor will send you an email inviting you to join a meeting through Zoom

  2. They will ask you to share your screen with them so that they can see what you are working on - this is still hands-off tutoring; however the tutor may still use arrows and draw on the screen to illustrate what they are talking about

  3. Although the tutor can see your screen, you will still be in a video conference, meaning you can both see each other

  4. Zoom puts a limit of 40 minutes on meetings, so your tutor will let you know when that time is nearing

  5. Your tutor wil send you an email afterwards asking you to fill out our exit survey to hear how the consultation went. 

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