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Free online feedback

We specialize in consultations, but also understand that sometimes you just have a quick question. We're piloting two new ways to get input from a DigiComm Consultant. If you like these, let us know and we'll work to expand our online services!

Share Your Input

DigiComm Chat Room

We'll have a tutor available in our online room from 10am-2pm Monday through Thursday. If you have a quick question, just jump into our chat room! It doesn't require any downloads or log-ins. You'll be able to share your screen, video chat, or just type out your question. Our tutor can connect you to resources, troubleshoot your problem, or recommend next steps. 

Chat with digicomm

Wix Feedback Feature

If you're working on a Wix site, you can ask DigiComm for feedback using the Wix Feedback Feature. Check out their video to see how to set it up, and post the link as a message to our Facebook. A tutor will give you non-directive feedback on up to five pages of your site within 24 hours (excluding weekends). Comments are private and a great way to get an expert's perspective on your project!

Wix Feedback Video

DigiComm's Facebook

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