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Free online feedback

We specialize in consultations, but also understand that sometimes you just have a quick question. We're piloting two new ways to get input from a DigiComm Consultant. If you like these, let us know and we'll work to expand our online services!

Share Your Input


DigiComm Chat Room

If you have a quick question, just jump into our chat room! It doesn't require any downloads or log-ins. You'll be able to share your screen, video chat, or just type out your question. Our tutor can connect you to resources, troubleshoot your problem, or recommend next steps. 

Available hours: 

  • Mondays 10-1
  • Wednesdays 10-1
  • Thursdays 2:30-4:30

Chat with digicomm

Wix Feedback Feature

If you're working on a Wix site, you can ask DigiComm for feedback using the Wix Feedback Feature. Even if your site is unpublished, you can still share it with a tutor to get feedback! Just email the link to our Coordinator: or as a message to DigiComm's Facebook, and you'll get a tutor's input within 24-hours (Monday-Thursday). A tutor will give you non-directive feedback on up to five pages of your site. Comments are private and a great way to get an expert's perspective on your project!

Wix Feedback how-to

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