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Though we are gathering on May 9th, 2021 to celebrate CSM Commencement, our ceremony will be somewhat different than it has been in previous years and include necessary masking and social distancing procedures. Because of this, our faculty have pre-recorded short videos to congratulate you on all you have accomplished. These videos are not the same as a handshake or a friendly smile, but they serve to recognize your resilience and perseverance during this most unique time in JMU's history.

We look forward to seeing some of you May 9th, and welcome all of you to complete the 2021 Senior Survey in order to obtain an official CSM Medallion. 

CSM Interim Department Head, Dr. Sam Prins
Associate Biology Professor, Dr. Patrice Ludwig
Geology & Environmental Sciences Department Head, Dr. Stephen Leslie
Physics & Astronomy Department Head, Dr. Chris Hughes
Biology Department Head, Dr. Casonya Johnson
Chemistry & Biochemistry Department Head, Dr. Linette Watkins
Mathematics & Statistics Interim Department Head, Dr. LouAnn Lovin
And Don't Forget...

Seniors need complete the 2021 Senior Survey in order to receive an official CSM medallion. Students have the option to wear the medallion to May Commencement, or have it mailed to their home address in June. 

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