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The Director is responsible for oversight of the department, supporting and advocating for the CS-L staff, pursuing the departmental mission and vision, facilitating an environment that is consistent with our departmental values and seeking new opportunities. The Director also oversees initiatives to partner with communities and faculty members to meaningfully involve students in reflectively addressing social issues, locally and globally.

Dr. Steve Grande earned his PhD in Student Affairs from the University of Maryland and has researched, published and presented nationally and internationally on a range of topics including, cross-cultural understanding, first-year students, Jewish college students, leadership, privilege, and Service-Learning. Steve has also taught graduate and undergraduate courses on leadership theory, multicultural perspectives of intervention, student learning, and civic engagement. Steve has been actively involved in local community initiatives related to the environment, poverty and the arts. Steve likes waking up early to run, listening to “This American Life” on NPR, taking walks with his family to his favorite coffee shop in downtown Staunton, VA and is famous for fostering bad puns.

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