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Our degree programs put students in the middle of the information revolution where they study technological advances such as object-oriented software, communication networks, multimedia systems, information security, and artificial intelligence. Students learn about computing technologies used by today's professionals and how to use these technologies to solve real-world problems. They learn to analyze problems, design solutions, implement solutions using multiple computing technologies, test and install those solutions, and communicate those solutions to others in written and verbal presentations.

Mission Statement

The Computer Science department strives to be an intellectual community that continually explores the broad field of computing, applies this knowledge to solve problems in a variety of domains, and engages with the profession and society at large. Undergraduates join this community when they become majors, participating with faculty and other students in exploring computing through classes, projects, clubs, and internships.

      • Offer small classes that provide opportunities for personal interaction with students
      • Provide a broad, inclusive, and up-to-date computing curriculum
      • Provide students opportunities for professional and community engagement and real-word experiences
      • Help students to become computing problem solvers and good communicators
      • Produce graduates who will succeed in the computing profession

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