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Dear Incoming Students and Parents,

JMU's Counseling Center has the Counseling Connections program to assist students with previous or existing mental health concerns successfully adjust to their new college environment. The Program offers incoming students and their parents the opportunity for a 30-minute phone consultation with a Counseling Center staff member. During this consultation, the counselor will review your individual situation with you and help you to determine how your counseling and/or medication needs might be met at JMU or in the Harrisonburg community. Possible recommendations include but are not limited to:
  • Suggesting an intake appointment to become a client of the Counseling Center. If not already provided, the counselor may suggest that the student request that his/her previous treatment provider(s) send a treatment summary to the Counseling Center.
  • Making a referral to a local community agency or private practitioner. Given the Counseling Center's short-term focus our services are not sufficient to meet the needs of some students, and a local referral may be in a student's best interests.
  • Suggesting that you continue receiving services from your current treatment providers. To help ensure future well-being and success, students should continue with their prescribed therapeutic regimens, whether it be counseling, medication, or both. In particular, students should make arrangements to maintain the necessary supply of their medication while away at school.

Please contact the Counseling Center at 540-568-6552 to schedule a 30-minute phone consultation appointment. The consultation appointment does not establish a student as a client of the Counseling Center but merely indicates the desire for further contact.

If you are interested in directly connecting with community providers, please review our Community Counseling Resources page.

In conclusion, we are here to support your efforts towards a successful first semester and future career at James Madison University. Please accept our invitation to take advantage of the New Student Support Program and all of the other services and programs offered by the Counseling Center.