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Information For Parents & Families

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The Freshman Year...When the Training Wheels Come Off

The day parents leave their son or daughter on campus, especially for the first time, is perhaps both the happiest and saddest day of the academic year. The happiness comes from the pride and sense of accomplishment that parents feel as they see their child, now a young adult, enter into a world of new challenges and opportunities for growth and success. Parents have often been planning (financially, academically, personally) for this day for years, and they have the joy of seeing their dreams and aspirations for their student begin to take shape. Read The Full Article

Common College Issues and What Families Can Do To Help

Parents of college students, looking with nostalgia on their own young adulthood, frequently underestimate the challenges of university life. Student complaints and worries are often dismissed with "this is the best time of your life" speeches and warnings about how "it's a lot tougher in the real world." Read The Full Article

Making an Appointment for Your Student

The Counseling Center has a strong preference that your son or daughter schedule her/his own appointment with us. Students know their schedule best, and they are more likely to keep the appointment and commit themselves to counseling if they have taken the responsibility to initiate the process. As a parent, you can be most helpful by reviewing the next section and encouraging your student to take the first step.

Tips for Referring Students to Counseling

Some suggestions for helping your student seek counseling. Read The Suggestions

Client Confidentiality and Your Student

Counseling frequently involves the disclosure of sensitive personal information, and confidentiality is essential to the relationships the Counseling Center establishes and maintains with our clients. Read The Full Article

More Resources for Parents & Families

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Recommended Readings for Parents and Families

Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years. Karen Coburn & Madge Treeger, Harper Collins Publishers.

College of the Overwhelmed: The Campus Mental Health Crisis and What to Do about It. Richard Kadison, M.D. & Theresa Foy DiGeronimo, Jossey-Bass Publishers.