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LGBTQIQA Student Services

The Counseling Center offers a wide range of clinical services to support the personal and professional well-being of LGBTQIQA students at JMU. Our clinicians and staff are committed to offering confidential, supportive, and effective services for all students, including LGBTQIQA students. Counseling Center services are free of charge. You can find out more on our Services page. Here's how you can Make An Appointment

Counseling Center Clinical Services

We offer individual, couples, and group counseling within a safe and confidential environment. Individual counseling is provided in a brief model, where clients typically receive 3-5 sessions to focus on a specific concern. Couples counseling is also available, if both are JMU students. The CC offers Queer to Questioning (Q2Q), a group that supports individuals along the continuum of sexual identity exploration and development. We also offer TrueSelves, a group to explore gender identities and gender expression. If you are concerned about another JMU student, you can consult with a CC clinician

Visit our new Self-Help section for information, strategies, and resources for common concerns. You can find out more about the campus climate and resources at Being LGBTQIQA at JMU


JMU Resources

  • LGBTQ & Ally Education Program strengthens, maintains, and promotes a campus community that welcomes all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, through education, support, advocacy, and fostering equity. Drop by The Well, Student Success Center Room 1313 or call (540)568-LGBT.
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  • Madison Equality is JMU's support community for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. The primary mission of the club is to promote tolerance and acceptance through education and awareness. Madison Equality is open to anyone who is supportive of equality and queer rights, regardless of their orientation. Contact for more information.
  • Safe Zone is a voluntary network of faculty, staff and students who believe that every member of the university community should have an equal opportunity to grow and learn in a safe and open environment. 
  • LGBTQIQA Advisory Board is a network of students, faculty & staff, who meet monthly during the academic year, focus on serving as advocates and liaisons to the LGBT Program and the JMU community.
  • LGBTQ Employee Group exists for faculty and staff who are members or allies of the LGBTQ community.
  • jmuLGBTQ Library Thing resource library
  • JMU Policy on Discrimination and Harassment which includes formal and informal resolution procedures 
  • Safe Zone Harassment Reporter is a way to anonymously report incidents of harassment at JMU. 
  • Consider attending the Lavender Graduation ceremony

Online Resources


Resources for Friends & Loved Ones

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