Minitab is statistical analysis software. It can be used for learning about statistics as well as statistical research.

Minitab is available for 64-bit Windows. 

Windows installation instructions (requires an account with administrator privileges):

  1. Download Minitab 19 for Windows (minitab19.1.1.0setup.x64.exe)
  2. Right-click and save the Minitab license file (minitab.lic)
  3. Ensure both files are saved in the same folder The default download folder is: C:\Users\<your eID>\Downloads
  4. Open the folder where the files are saved and double-click: minitab19.1.1.0setup.x64.exe
  5. Enter your administrator account credentials
  1. Click Next at the “Welcome to Minitab 19 Setup” language screen
  1. Click Next
  1. Click the checkbox to accept the License Agreement, then click Next
  1. Select Activate with a license then click Next
  1. Select File, then Browse. Navigate to the location where you saved the minitab.lic file. Select the minitab.lic file and click Open. When you return to this screen, click Next
  1. Click Next
  1. Click Install
  1. Click Finish. You may be prompted to reboot your computer
  1. You should have a shortcut on your desktop to launch Minitab, and a Minitab item on your Start menu

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